"And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God"
-- Micah 6:8

"The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict."
-- American Bar Association Standard 3-1.2(c)

"There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia."
--Pope Benedict XVI, June 2004

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finally, some silence

The child sex advocates over at a group called Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (or GLSEN, pronounced "glisten"-- I'm not making it up!-- which claims to "strive to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression," and whose Executive Director states on their web site that "It's all about the bottom line"-- again, I'm not making it up!) is hoping that your children in school will recognize the horrible persecution that homosexuals are undergoing right now in this country by joining in their "Day of Silence" protest, where participants remain silent during the school day, and hand out cards explaining that the silence is to highlight the "problem" of "gay" students being silenced by harassment, intimidation, and down-right meaness.

Well, some hopelessly prudish old folks might view the "problem" with our schools not being silence but rather that children are being encouraged to "explore" their "sexuality" in school in the first place, whether it be it normal or homosexual conduct, and that adult homosexual advocacy groups like GLSEN take such a keen interest in promoting open homosexuality in the schools. After all, Virginia is not the only state that criminalizes fornication and "Carnal knowledge of a child between thirteen and fifteen years of age" (sometimes inaccurately called "statutory rape"). How can these groups encourage activity that is against the law and public policy of the Commonwealth?

And what planet are the homosexual activists living on anyway? It was certainly true that this vice used to be the "love that dare not speak its name;" but I'm not the first to note that lately its the perversion that just won't shut up.


Anonymous said...

I agree Tom. This is why there should be absolutely no talk or recognition of sexuality in any school. There should be no dances. There should be no “king” and “queen” of homecoming. Nobody should be allowed to hold hands, either.

There is nothing wrong with encouraging an activity that is against the “policy” of the state (or commonwealth.) I don’t really know what would compel an individual to comply with a vague policy, anyway.

There is also nothing illegal about homosexuality in Virginia, or anywhere else, at least after Lawrence v. Texas.

I think that you should probably direct your anger to trying to pull Virginia out of the United States, and perhaps joining another country.

Faithmy said...

That is my favorite Pat quote. I hadnt heard the one about Canada before, and being in Vermont--I would have loved to use it!