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-- Micah 6:8

"The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict."
-- American Bar Association Standard 3-1.2(c)

"There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia."
--Pope Benedict XVI, June 2004

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Europe: Your Kids Belong to Us

Not to seem like a UN conspiracy nut or anything, but you gotta take pause at the UN's efforts to enforce their politically correct worldview against the wishes of parents by way of complicit European governments.

The Belgian Ministry of Education is investigating a homeschooling family. Their offense?
“One of the conditions [for homeschooling] is that the homeschoolers must sign a document in which they promise to rear their children along the lines of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights. These parents have not done this. This is why the ministry has started an inquiry.”

Sadly, this European totalitarianism is not limited to Belgium. Germany outlaws homeschooling and has even detained and imprisoned parents, usually Baptist or traditional Catholic, who dare to assert their parental rights against the state, which claims to enforce “a right of the child not to be kept away from the outside world. The parents’ right to personally educate their children would prevent the children from growing up to be responsible individuals within society.” (Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton's view that "children should have a right to be permitted to decide their own future if they are competent.")

We certainly wouldn't want little Johnny or Jane to receive any unapproved ideas. Sadly, the coming Islamic demographic tide may be the too-late wake up call for a society so utterly inverted from its first principles, in this case, the primacy of the family.


Anonymous said...

Tom, So what? Not all countries see homeschooling as some sort of fundamental right. Indeed, it is quite odd that a parent’s right to control a student’s upbringing trumps the interests of the state in indoctrinating students into whatever fundamental values the parents believe in. Indeed, while I don’t mind most home-schoolers, there are some that seem to want to isolate their kids from whatever influences society might have on them. The result is that they bring up a bunch of religion-crazed racists who are taken aback back the fact that 1) not everyone speaks English as a first language; 2) not everyone is white; and 3) Judaism is legal in most parts of the US. Home-schoolers are usually woefully undereducated in sexual matters, and when (and if) they do get to college, they are usually naive about sex, and a week or stead-fast refusals to “put out” usually end up being the target of boys who see it as a sign of honor to have sex with as many homeschoolered girls as possible. (One person, now a DA in the west, once bragged that he had sex with six in his freshman year. I don’t know if this is true. It might just be law school bragging.)

There is nothing notable about requiring compliance with a statute as a condition of receiving government benefits (provided it doesn’t conflict with the country’s other laws). Believe it or not, many countries, including the US, do incorporate foreign treaties into their statutes. Indeed, some states do. For example Va. Code Ann. § 8.9A-309 (which tracks UCC 9-403) refers to the process of perfecting a security interest. Indeed, § 8.9A-311 actually allows treaties to subordinate the rights of Virginians to others, if they can perfect under that treaty.

Of course, you seem more concerned about allowing parents to keep their kids safe from evolution and anything that might open up a good career to them, than you about secured creditors.

Faithmy said...

Parents are allowed to rear their children along any lines they see fit--even if dumbasses too cowardly to even put their names on their opinions dont approve. Some retard parents even raise LAWYERS!! I would rather raise "religion-crazed racists"!!

Anonymous said...

Faith, You need to calm down.

First of all, parents are not allowed to do many things to children, and to a great deal your “rights” to raise children are considerably limited by the state. Indeed, while many people think it is “right” to subject their children to what we term to be sexual or physical abuse, the state disagrees.

Second, There is nothing illegal about your desire to raise racists, but I think that we would all be better off if your children had an open mind.

I understand your hatred of lawyers. I can’t do anything about it, but since we control everything, I don’t need to.

Have a nice day.

Faithmy said...

I have never heard a parent state that they had a right to molest--must be a lawyer thing.

Anonymous said...

Faith, A typical situation involves parents who are subject to a "termination" action (or whatever it is called in your state). Usually this comes after the social workers have tried (as required by law) to make things better.

Most non-lawyer parents just are not good parents. But, they are in denial. Sometimes their bad parenting is religion-linked. Sometimes it is just sick. Whatever the case, they see the need to defend their behavior in court, by asserting either that 1) they "really" love their kids -- a lot; or 2) they did noting outside the confines of their religion.

Now, I have personally seen attempts at excusing the following parental behavior linked to religion: 1) making the kids work 15 hour days for an unlicensed construction company; 2) making the kids fast for 36 hours at a time; 3) making the kids run to the point of exhaustion (requiring hospitalization); 4) beating to purge various demons.

There are other bizarre psuedo-sexual things that the parents often deny is sexual. I don't really know where to start with that stuff.

Obviously both of these arguments fail, and there is a hilarious scene where the parents fake grief when they learn that their kids are going to be taken away.

But, they could have avoided this by going to law school.

Faithmy said...

Yes, law school....where people learn such ridiculous ideas as "social workers have tried (as required by law) to make things better". Everyone SHOULD be a lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Faith, Most states require that before a termination of parental rights is finalized whatever social service agency initiates the process make their “best efforts” to allow the kids to stay with their parents. For example, in Alaska, AS 47.10.086, requires the agency make “reasonable efforts to provide family support services to the child and to the parents or guardian of the child that are designed to prevent out-of-home placement of the child or to enable the safe return of the child to the family home, when appropriate, if the child is in an out-of-home placement.” You can read the statute here. http://touchngo.com/lglcntr/akstats/Statutes/Title47/Chapter10/Section086.htm If you doubt that this is the procedure in any state, ask any lawyer (e.g. Tom). Don’t bother talking to lay people, as they are of little help.

Faithmy said...

Social workers and "best efforts"...hahahaha!! Social workers are the dregs at the bottom of the barrel. They make lawyers look like competent, decent people.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone who comments here nuts?

Anonymous said...

Faith, You seem to have a reading problem.