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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ignored By NPR, Chapter II

Chapter II in our occasional series of the success stories of the war in Iraq which NPR and the MSM do not want anyone to hear...

Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, pause along a berm while taking part in Operation Northern Forge, a mission designed to deny the safe havens on the north side of the Euphrates River to insurgents. By entering a known insurgent safe haven, they severely dented the capabilities of the anti-Iraqi forces in the area. They found and destroyed hundreds of weapons, IED making materials, and explosives designed to kill Coalition Forces, Iraqi Security Forces and innocent civilians.
(photo by Lance Cpl. Christopher Zahn)
In one cache alone they found over 100 mortar rounds, an amount described as "unbelievable" by Cpl. Steve D. Whiteman, a 28-year-old squad leader from Cincinnati. "The engineers attached to me for the operation said that they found more ordnance and more caches, IEDs (and IED making materials) in the first seven days than they had previously found in seven months," added Erisman, the commanding officer of L Company.

HT: One Marine's View

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