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"There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia."
--Pope Benedict XVI, June 2004

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Strike Out

First he goes to bat for the worst of murdering thugs, now Papa Shea's apparently totally gone over to the hard left, supporting the so-called "Occupy" movement ("they have a very Catholic point"), including Occupy Seattle, which has, as its website logo, the red clenched fist of Communism.

His latest brief for the Communists is a lamentation that the police in Seattle were too rough on a certain Mr. Rich Lang, a United Methodist clergy-person, who was pepper sprayed during a scuffle between the revolutionaries and the police. Shea uncritically reports the complaint of Lang, who incidentally proclaims himself to be a "Liberation Theologian", that is, a Communist.

Shea asks whether we'll read Lang's account and not make excuses for the police.

I've got a better idea: how about instead of taking the word of an avowed Communist, an agitator participating in a movement characterized by violence, much of it directed against the police, Shea contacts the Seattle PD or consults the news media to attempt to figure out if Lang is being truthful. It took me no time at all to find this video of the supposedly "non-violent" protest at which Lang was sprayed, together with the mob that was blocking traffic and disrupting the lives of ordinary Seattle residents:

I don't know where the idea arose that the police should do nothing when a group of Communist agitators, or anyone else for that matter, blockade a public thoroughfare.

Here is more on the violence perpetrated by the supposedly non-volent demonstrators:

Officers gave numerous verbal warnings to get out of the street and back onto the sidewalk. At one point a 17-year-old female suspect swung a stick at an officer but failed to strike him. As officers moved in to arrest the female suspect the officers were hindered in their efforts. Officers deployed pepper spray to move subjects away from them so they could affect the arrest of the female suspect. She was taken into custody and will be booked into the Youth Service Center for Assault on an Officer.
...An adult male suspect assaulted an officer near 3rd Avenue and Wall Street.
...Demonstrators marched to 5th Avenue and Pine Street and subsequently blocked the intersection. Officers ordered the demonstrators to vacate the intersection (the oral warning was broadcast over a police public address system).
...Another adult male suspect threw an unknown liquid into an officer’s face. He was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for Failure to Disperse and Assault on an Officer.
...Pepper spray was deployed only against subjects who were either refusing a lawful order to disperse or engaging in assaultive behavior toward officers.
I found these sources in just a few minutes of checking. Shea couldn't be bothered.

What the police did here was exactly right: a warning to leave, and when that was ignored, removal by force, proportional, reasonable force. Pepper spray is very uncomfortable, I know, I've been sprayed full in the face in training. But it is not lethal, it is not lasting, it washes out. But it will make a "demonstrator" think of nothing else for a while besides getting to a source of water. If a "clergyman" or any other protester disregards the lawful demand of the police to move, he or she has only himself to blame if he is forcibly removed. And if a truly uninvolved, innocent bystander gets some pepper spray, I would suggest the fault lies not with police but with the thugs who caused the disturbance in the first instance.

Kudos to Seattle PD for not allowing these lawless idiots to take over the streets of Seattle from the law abiding citizens. The police are doing a fine job in the face of constant taunts, foul verbal abuse, and even physical attack by these Occupy radicals.

As for Shea, it's good enough that the Left complains: he'll uncritically regurgitate it, whether it be laments for a convicted cop-killer or uncritically smearing the police in his community.



scotju said...

Papa Shea, IMHO, has always been a leftist. If you read his rants and scribbings over the years, it becomes obvious he was coming more and more out of the closet as a flaming liberal, or an outright hard leftist. It amazes me that so many Catholics give this rotund rabble-rouser the time of day. I think to only reason why many Catholics listen to him is they're poorly educated in their own faith by their priests and other religious teachers or they learned everything they 'know' about Catholicism from people like Shea.
Other 'consevative' Catholic bloggers also support this kind of violent idiocy. I was recently lynched and banned by Donald Mcccleary of The American Catholic blog becase I dared to question the holiness of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement in a posting about the King monument. The people involved in the Civil Rights movement dring King's lifetime and beyond used the same tactics and techniques as the occupy louts. McCleary and Co. falsey condemned me as a racist because I pointed out the lawless tactics of the Civil Rights movement, yet they condemn the Occupy movement even though they act just like the Civil Rights protesters did years ago. The mantra I heard time and time again was they (the Civil Righters) were fighting for justice. I pointed ot several times (to no avail) the Civil Rights movement was a movement of liberal Jews, liberal Catholics, and liberal Protestants who were under the influence of communist agents. Instead of dealing with the facts, McCleary and his fanboys just kept screaming that I was a racist who didn't want to treat blacks and Jews as equals. I never said anything about Blacks or Jews not being equal, my criticism was aimmed at MLK's and his followers behaviors, their politics, and their Anti-Christian theology. So Tom, it's just not unedcated louts like Shea who are mislead and misleading, it's also lawyers who should know the law, but who are willing to toss it aside to justify a so-called 'holy cause'.

Ioannes said...

What's even more regrettable than what Scotju points out is that reknown apologists such as Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith hold Mark Shea in close friendship.

I really do think godless liberalism is infesting and infecting the Body of Christ.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I don't think it's a matter of "godless liberalism." I think it's a matter of outright laziness (regarding Shea's "mastery" of the facts) or mindless groupthink (Steve Ray's attitude toward Shea). In debating Catholics on various blogs, I have found the latter to be far more pervasive than anybody wants to recognize.

Shea receives "protection" from the like of Ray and Catholic Answers because "he's one of us." That's the exact same attitude displayed by the bishops and Penn State administrators in their respective sex-abuse crises.

One of these days, Shea is going to fall apart -- very dramatically and very publicly. It will be far from pretty and he will have no friends left because he either will have alienated anyone who could help him or betrayed Catholics who looked behind the facade.

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